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We know your battles

  • It's hard to find the right candidates in tons of applications
  • Subjective screening and the challenge of eliminating bias
  • Too many unsuitable candidates are applying to your jobs
  • The entire process is very frustrating and costly
  • High turnover and competition taking your teams
Get the right candidates

Streamline your sourcing and screening

Get a pre-selection of candidates that are a fit for your job.

Reduce time to hire by 40%

Traditional hiring takes forever (≈ 71 days). Holdup is in sourcing and screening. With eikko, the average time to fill a position is ≈ 21 days.

Access +10,000 candidates

Like and match with candidates across +20 functional areas and industries: tech, engineering, marketing (…). Our matches are based on a combination of skills, personality, values and culture to ensure a right-fit.

Increase efficiency and reduce bias

Our matches mitigate bias and are based on skills taxonomy rather than keywords, providing a more objective measure of candidate's abilities. This boosts diversity in your talent pool and help you find untapped candidates.

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Finding your right candidates has never been easier

Attract talented professionals through our matching capabilities.

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AI-powered and science-based processes designed to reduce time to hire and improve accuracy

We aim to find candidates with the right skill set, abilities, personality traits and values to tap into the powerful effect of workforce engagement in teams productivity.

Find qualified talent in the most demanding areas, wherever you want.

Tech and STEM talent, remote, hybrid or office-based.

Pay only for results.

Pay only when you unlock a match—no hidden fees or monthly commitments, just maximum flexibility tied with your workforce needs.

We are offering 1 to 3 months or up to 20 matches.

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