Boost your recruitment process efficiency at a lower cost

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We know your pain

  • How hard it is to find the right candidate.
  • How time consuming is it to optimize job requirements.
  • How expensive is the whole process.
  • How impactful is a high turnover.
  • How overwhelming is the CV flood.
Reduce the pain

Be free to what matters the most

Get a pre-selection of good fit candidates for your company.

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AI-powered and Science-based processes designed to reduce time to hire and improve accuracy

We aim to find candidates with the right skill set, abilities, personality trais and values to tap into the powerful effect of workforce engagement in teams productivity

  • Takes an holistic approach

    Everything about the job and your company will be composed on something bigger and taken as a whole.

  • Skips common search pitfalls

    There is no strict keyword searches on our algorithm, other dimensions like corporate culture, individual soft skills will be used.

  • Aims for a diverse workforce

    By being hypercautious and taking into account the most prominent biased factors, it boosts the diversity of your candidate pool.

There are no recruitment fees

The fast dynamics of the labour market demands new approaches to pricing.

Hire better, faster and easier, with no cost or hidden fees.

Our future pricing will always be very flexible, for companies of all sizes and types.

Streamline your sourcing and selection

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